Striper Stalwarts Paul & Jerry

Posted: 25th November 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Striped Bass fanatics Paul and Jerry took a mid November trip out with Legends Outdoors to try and have one last dance with the ever elusive striper.  These two friends are very avid Lake Wallenpaupack fishermen and are borderline obsessed with catching striped bass.  These guys are repeat clients with Legends Outdoors and were faced with high blue skies and a dead calm day as they ventured out on their day.  They tried fervently off and on for them, but never hooked up but in-between learned the technique of drop shotting deep water and landed nearly a dozen smallmouth bass to finish up the season on a prosperous note and look forward to the 2016 campaign with great anticipation.


Mike and Mike’s November Blitz

Posted: 15th November 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

At a time when football takes center stage; neighbors Mike and Mike who are avid fishermen as well as good friends and they decided to try and learn more about Lake Wallenpaupack so they dialed up Legends Outdoors for a day out on the lake.  Their day was an overcast, calm and seasonably temperature friendly November day.  They learned about the dropshot and fall crankbait pattern on this day and executed it very well as they caught some giant and other solid largemouth and smallmouth bass and a few pickerel.  A great day for  friends to enjoy out on the water together.


New York in November

Posted: 10th November 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Henry and his father-in-law Boris are no strangers to the Legends Outdoors trips throughout the years.  This time these two men brought along their friend Izya for some New York fall fishing.  A slick and sunny November day was the table set by nature for these three and they wholeheartedly welcomed that and had a banner day out on the water fishing together, enjoying the fresh fall air and the company of one another.  They fished deep with tubes and Keitech baits in the 50-54 degree water and hammered out limits of smallmouth bass and some nice crappie and perch mixed in.


Dave, Donnie & PJ = November to Remember

Posted: 4th November 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Returning client Dave went out for another trip with Legends Outdoors to bring in the month of November.  He brought along his two friends Donnie and Raymond also known as PJ.  The overcast morning brought an instant feeling about the day upcoming on the water for these three anglers.  It proved to be a correct one as there were some really quality fish landed on this autumn day such as a dozen smallmouth bass, six jumbo perch and a bruiser walleye that was pushing the seven pound mark.  This surely was a splendid way to spend a very comfortable November day in Pennsylvania with your friends enjoying what the great outdoors has to offer.



Hobie Fishing Team Hits Wallenpaupack

Posted: 30th October 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Charles and Charles from the Hobie Fishing Team visited Lake Wallenpaupack recently in October for several days.  They spent two of the days out with Legends Outdoors in search of the fish in this magnificent Wayne County body of water.  The water was in the mid 50’s and they had variable autumn winds to contend with.  They gave the fish a strict diet of crankbaits and drop shotted baits to entice the fall appetites of the fish as they are preparing for the upcoming winter.   The two displayed their passion for Hobie products and the sport of fishing with the Legends guides during these days and truly showed they are dedicated individuals.  Charles and Charles caught mostly largemouth and smallmouth bass during their stay and are seen below with a sample of their catch.  All the fish they caught were released back alive into the lake to live and flourish in the pristine waters of Lake Wallenpaupack. The Hobie Fishing Team is sponsored by Sterling Harbor Bait and Tackle in Wildwood, NJ and Sportsman’s Outpost in Williamstown, NJ.  For more information on Hobie Products, Sterling Harbor Bait and Tackle or Sportsman’s Outpost please visit the links below.


Nick & Melissa’s October Vacation

Posted: 28th October 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

New Jersey residents Nick and Melissa came to the Lake Wallenpaupack area for a long weekend stay and enjoy the sights and activities of the area.  One of the items they had chosen to do was take a trip out fishing on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack.  The October day was a very blistery and windy day making it feel more like skiing weather than fishing, but they braved the elements and went out to do some angling.  The foliage was peaking and the crisp fresh air filled the lungs of this young couple as they enjoyed their time out on the water casting crankbaits for the fish of Lake Wallenpaupack.  The bites were intermittent, but they managed several smallmouth bass and one nice pickerel during their day.  What  a great overall experience out fishing together on this memorable autumn day.


Schuyler & Tee Visit Wallenpaupack

Posted: 26th October 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

New Yorkers Schuyler and Tee recently took an October vacation to the Poconos area to indulge in a variety of activities.  They did some horseback riding, quad riding and a trip out with Legends Outdoors among other adventures.  Their day out on the water started with a chilly morning and warming during the day with bright skies and a slight chop on the water.  They had a very fun day out on the water seeing the sites of Lake Wallenpaupack and casting for the resident fish below. They caught some really nice smallmouth bass and a spattering of pickerel in between as they learned some skills and techniques of freshwater fishing amidst their laughs and smiles of the day.


Change of Scenery for Dave and Chris

Posted: 23rd October 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Dave and his wife Chris would again return in 2015 with Legends Outdoors, but this time it would be in the neighboring state of New York.  A beautiful warm, calm and bright blue October day was the setting for this autumn adventure on the water.  They took in the breathtaking fall foliage while they alternated a arsenal of tubes and Keitech baits to entice strikes from a variety of fish. Their catch included a walleye, pickerel, some crappie and several smallmouth bass as the two had a great time out on this scenic New York waterway enjoying a day out together.


Nick & Nick Crank the Pack

Posted: 21st October 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Nick and his son Nick took a ride north to scenic Lake Wallenpaupack for some fall action.  A very chilly morning greeted the start of their adventure.  They split their day fishing for some of the time for striped bass, but those elusive beauties would have no part of it and the anglers did not elicite a strike from them.  The other part of this blue skied  and windy day the father and son team gave the fish a heavy dose of crankbaits enticing several smallmouth bass, three pickerel, a slammer rockbass and a dink largemouth thrown in to their catch.  The presence of a red fox patrolling the shore, beautiful fall foliage, crisp fresh air, and a day fishing….what a great recipe for spending time together.



Oktoberfest on Wallenpaupack

Posted: 18th October 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Cook and his brother Guy along with their friend Mark had their own version of Oktoberfest on Lake Wallenpaupack.  The day was very calm and sunny for their trip as they enjoyed cigars, beverages and a Legends Outdoors shore lunch . After a slow morning , some adjustments were made and things changed drastically as this trio landed over 20 fish including some nice pickerel, slammer smallmouths and a beautiful striped bass to punctuate their catch!