Steve & Danny’s Striper Quest

Posted: 30th April 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

Returning clients Steve and his son Danny recently went on a striper quest with Legends Outdoors.  Steve has been fishing Lake Wallenpaupack and the surrounding area for around 30 years and was hankering for some striper action.  Steve was under the impression that the stripers were caught only at night, but Legends Outdoors was determined to make Steve a believer that they could also be caught during daylight hours.  The day arrived for the trip starting off with a chilly morning followed by a dead calm day with mostly overcast skies.  With much determination; the mission was fulfilled as two stripers were caught as shown below and also a few really nice smallmouths were landed mixed in.



Bob Levy’s a Heavy Tax on the Pack!

Posted: 28th April 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

After a very busy tax season, Bob decided to trade in the computer, calculator, and W-2’s for rods, reels, and lures in search of some Lake Wallenpaupack fish.  The April day started with a very brisk morning and increasingly warmed toward afternoon.  The waters were calm and the sky was a consistent robin’s egg blue throughout the day.  This avid angler had a banner spring day out with some different techniques and many hefty smallmouth bass were caught along with a few pickerel and a pair of stripers were also brought on board to punctuate Bob’s day.

Greg and his father-in-law Frank like to visit their home on Lake Wallenpaupack to take a break from their busy jobs during the week and spend quality time with the family.  Aside from all the other activities, they like to fish on this scenic lake.  Their goal was to better understand spring patterns and techniques to help with their catch in the cold water conditions.  Their half day trip was a cold-front morning with table top flat water and blue skies. They learned the ropes, and although the ever popular striped bass never struck their offerings, a few solid smallmouth bass were caught and these two gentlemen had a fun time out enjoying a sport they have a fondness for.



Returning clients Ralph and his son Ralph Jr. went out on a mid-week trip recently in April.  Stripers were on their menu for this voyage, but the lock jawed beasts refused all their offerings on this day.  They also took some time for a change in techniques and to target other species and hit a gold mine of monster smallmouths as shown in the photos by landing about a dozen beautiful specimens.  Their catch was also punctuated with a few pickerel on this chilly, but very calm and blue-skied day.  They had a really great time on their trip and we hope to see Ralph and his son back again in the future for some more Legends Outdoors adventures on Lake Wallenpaupack.



Sunny Day Saunter for John & Friends

Posted: 21st April 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

John and his three friends from college took a Legends Outdoors mid-April trip.  They were aboard the pontoon boat with all-day blue skies , a crisp morning and comfortable afternoon.  The slick day made the clear water fishing very challenging for the anglers as they fished the low 50’s water in search of their quarry.  They told stories while fishing along with having a few beverages and sandwiches during their trip as the finicky fish of Lake Wallenpaupack on so many occasions refused their offerings.  These die hard anglers persisted as the pontoon boat made many stops to find the fish and several were coaxed into striking their presentations as a few hefty smallmouth bass, pickerel, a largemouth bass and a striper were hauled in among their catch.  It wasn’t a day of quantity but it was of good quality.  An overall very fun day for this group of four on a beautiful spring time trip.


Patterning Panfish

Posted: 19th April 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

Repeat clients Walt and his son Josh went on an April quest to pattern panfish.  The wind and overcast day did not deter their hunt for the slab crappies or plump spring perch of Lake Wallenpaupack.  The light line tactics prevailed as this duo boated over 50 of these beauties that reside in these waters. After the harvest of panfish, they went on a brief search for striped bass without success, but all in all their mission was accomplished and the day will be a memorable one for sure.  Legends Outdoors looks forward for Walt and Josh’s next adventure with us.

Local anglers Sid and his son Ethan from Moosic, Pennsylvania have been interested for some time on learning more about Lake Wallenpaupack.  They decided to call up Legends Outdoors and do a panfish/striper trip in early April.  Their day on the Legends Outdoors pontoon boat was a windy and cold one, but they were numb to the frigid wind as the hauled in plenty of fish.  Amidst the laughter, stories and delicious hoagies these two boated over 50 panfish, mostly consisting of crappies and a dab of perch mixed in.  The striper part of their trip was also very eventful as they had three hookups with one that got the best of Sid and Ethan, but they capitalized on the other two as seen in their happy photo below.  An exceptional and all around awesome early April day out on the water for Sid and Ethan.


Magnificent Monday for Bubba & Co.

Posted: 6th April 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

The youngster below with the striped bass may look familiar to you, that is so because it is no other than the fishing fanatic….Bubba.  He and his dad Matty who are regulars with Legends Outdoors along with uncle Ron went out for a  trip again in search of some spring time action.  They got just what they wished for as the trio brought in over 60 panfish including quite a few of the slab sized crappies and some hefty perch mixed in as shown below.  The excitement of the morning started with clouds, rain and dead calm filled with extensive panfish action and then it turned into a wind swept day with an attempt for stripers.  The attempt turned into a successful one as Bubba fought this one to the boat on light tackle for sometime before landing it for a photo and quick release.  What an action filled day it was for these three and we look forward to seeing this group for many more adventures with Legends Outdoors.


Easter Blessings of Lake Wallenpaupack

Posted: 3rd April 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

Philadelphia area residents Julian and Bill quite often come up to fish Lake Wallenpaupack with their kayaks throughout the open water season the last few years.  They heard of Legends Outdoors and wanted to get more educated on the seasonal patterns of this 5,200 acre body of water.  An overcast and calm Easter was the day these two friends journeyed out with Legends Outdoors for their trip, and what a blessed trip it was!  These dedicated anglers caught a heavy quantity of fish including crappie, perch, smallmouth bass and yes the elusive striped bass!  We wish Julian and Bill many more days of success in their endeavors of the future on beautiful Lake Wallenpaupack.



Brian Squared = Striper Squared

Posted: 1st April 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

The father and Son duo of Brian and Brian have been with Legends Outdoors in the past and are strictly interested in targeting striped bass.  These Pennsylvania anglers came on board recently for a half day trip in pursuit of their sought after species.  The day was dead calm and sunny with water in the lower 40’s as they hit the water.  These two stalwart anglers fished hard and hit a spurt early in their trip and boated the two beauties shown below in the photo.  It often takes many casts to catch one of these strong fighting fish, but as Brian and Brian showed it is well worth the effort.