Smoothie’s Trophy Catch

Posted: 2nd July 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Smoothie is not only Legends Outdoors longest standing client, but the most frequent also.  His love for fishing Lake Wallenpaupack for many a variety of species falls into the category of healthy obsession. On this spring trip he brought along his wife Nancy which he does from time to time.  She is an avid reader and does so during the fishing trips off and on between sessions of casting for the fish that roam these waters.  The day had a nip to the air aboard the pontoon, but sunny skies made their way between the clouds and provided warmth to these anglers.  They caught many really nice smallmouth bass along with some pickerel and panfish during this day, but Smoothie’s trophy catch was not hooked or landed on this day… was many years ago when he first met his significant other…Nancy.


Bob’s Late Spring Exploit

Posted: 30th June 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

New Jersey resident Bob is property owner near Lake Wallenpaupack, and he frequently visits it and occasionally gets out on the water when time allots.  He is an avid fisherman and his mission was to learn patterns and techniques for bass on the Pack during the late spring into summer range. He dialed up Legends Outdoors for a trip out and he acquired just that as he caught bass on a variety of techniques and areas helping him for his future days out on this beautiful lake that faced him with a stiff NE wind and an overcast early morning switching over to high blue skies.


Returning client Shawn and his friend Matt came up for an annual fishing outing recently on a late spring day.  These football coaches from the Harrisburg area really enjoy their fishing and the allure of Lake Wallenpaupack.  The two were blessed with a nice sunny June day and comfortable temperature along with very little wind as they focused on a few specific techniques to pursue their quarry.   Their anticipated trip did not disappoint as they had a spectacular day sending an all out blitz on the smallmouth bass, crappie and pickerel that inhabit this beautiful body of water.


Nocturnal Outing for Austin and Mike

Posted: 24th June 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

At a time when most people are asleep and when bats, skunks and raccoons are active; Austin and Mike were out on Lake Wallenpaupack in pursuit of some night time activity.  Night time activity is just what they got as they flourished under the cover of darkness wailing away  on walleyes, striped bass and smallmouth bass!  As the water temperatures rise, many of the predatory fish turn to night time feeding and these two guys were right in their wheelhouse the entire night as they learned the methods and ways to locate them and catch these sought after giants.  It can be very challenging fishing at night, but the rewards can be reaped as show in the photos below.


Steve from “Fishing with Steve” wanted to test out Lake Wallenpaupack, so he booked a trip aboard the Legends Outdoors pontoon boat.  Joining him on this early June day was Rebecca who is a college student that helps Steve out with his fishing classes.  They had a tremendous day for fishing as the skies brightened early and and the temperatures were very comfortable and the waters were calm.  They boated quite a variety of species including perch, smallmouth bass, pickerel, rockbass and more while casting away in the sparkling clear waters.   They really enjoyed their day out adventuring on the lake, had some tasty sandwiches, chatted about life, enjoyed the sun and caught plenty of fish!


Picture Perfect Pontoon Parade!

Posted: 17th June 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Hank and his family took a trip aboard the Legends Outdoors pontoon boat.  The four of these guys had a picture perfect day with sun and a light breeze as a t shirt and shorts were comfortable attire for this outing.  They spent the day joking, laughing, enjoying some hoagies and fishing the day away.  They all were involved in catching several fish each such as smallmouth bass, pickerel and some panfish.  A great day all around for this group indeed!


Slab Crappies & Prominent Pickerel!

Posted: 15th June 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Returning clients Dave and his wife Chris took another trip recently with Legends Outdoors.  They had a very calm and sunny June day for their outing on Lake Wallenpaupack.  They had a wonderful day catching 25 – 30 panfish including some really nice perch and slab crappies with the biggest being 15 1/2″ as seen in the below photo. Wow!  They also hauled in a bunch of monster pickerel in the 20″ – 25″ range as also shown below during this spectacular day.   Many of these fish made for great table fare.  Panfish fillets fried up with your favorite coating and also the pickerel make for some really nice fish cakes and pickling them is also an option as they have a very sweet meat and are really a delicacy.


Extravagant Evening for Jim and Debbie

Posted: 14th June 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Jim and his wife Debbie came up to the Lake Wallenpaupack area for a few days with a few things on their checklist and one of them was to get out and fish Lake Wallenpaupack.  They hoped to hook into a few smallmouth bass as they are residents of Maryland down on the Chesapeake Bay and they do not get the opportunity to catch smallmouths as they usually target other species in that region.  The day was set with an afternoon trip on the slate and the couple was greeted with strong west winds and heavy boat traffic along with sunny blue skies………not exactly the text book type of day in the smallmouth handbook, but with persistence and dedication they would persevere.  The boat traffic would lessen and the winds would diminish as night crept closer and a much cooler temperature settled in as they fished away catching a few solid smallmouth bass mixed in with some dinks along with some other species such as perch, pickerel, crappie, longear sunfish and rockbass.  It was a splendid day out for this happy couple to get out and see the wildlife out on and near the water and enjoy each others company while doing some fishing on beautiful Lake Wallenpaupack.


Gary’s Gang Sends May out with a Bang!

Posted: 12th June 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Gary, his friend and their children closed out the month of May with a splendid day of fishing on Lake Wallenpaupack.  The returning clients anticipated a day out on this scenic waterway with the anticipation of a memorable day ahead. It didn’t disappoint as they were out in two boats on this vitamin D rich and comfortable day with plenty of action for all the anglers.  They caught  a variety of species on their trip and had many laughs and smiles along the way as shown.


Home away from Home for Roy and Raymond

Posted: 10th June 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Greenwood Lake, New Jersey is where Roy calls home, but on this day he and his son Raymond would feel very welcome and received on Pike County’s Lake Wallenpaupack.  They both love fishing Lake Wallenpaupack and wanted to tweak their skills and patterns on this beautiful body of water, so they spent a glorious May day attacking and analyzing the fishery.  They and their guide shared many stories during the day of New Jersey waters and tales of this lake as this father and son team truly had a blast during their outing together. They had a very comfortable weather day and caught plenty of smallmouth bass along with other species on their charter with Legends Outdoors.