Monday Matinee

Posted: 29th July 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

A family visitation brought Chris, Matt and Nathaniel to the Poconos region in mid July.  During their stay they decided to do some fishing with Legends Outdoors so they dialed up a trip aboard the pontoon boat.  A slick day with blue skies was the backdrop for this warm summer day.  The Pack has been very stingy lately and tried hard to hold out for these three anglers, but they stuck with it and were rewarded with a nice smallmouth bass, some solid pickerel and a sprinkling of rockbass and a slab crappie mixed in.  There was some great stories shared out the boat today among this party and plenty of laughter and comradery during the trip.  An overall solid day out on the water!


Rainy Day Retreat for Jeff & Justin

Posted: 27th July 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Jeff and his son Justin were inquisitive about fishing Lake Wallenpaupack, so they called up Legends Outdoors for a day out on the lake.  Their day away from their busy schedules was a July day that had a light rain accompany them almost the entire time.  They spent a part of the day in hot pursuit of the elusive striped bass, but the stipers eluded them and they came up empty in that aspect. They then went for other species and wrestled up some nice smallmouth bass and a hefty pickerel.  An overall good day spent fishing together for this father and duo out on Lake Wallenpaupack.


Mid July Perch Fry!

Posted: 24th July 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Dominick, Michael and Derek and other members of their families took a vacation at Lake Wallenpaupack  during the ides of July.  These three decided to take a charter with Legends Outdoors and had themselves a good old time on this slightly windy and overcast day aboard the pontoon boat.  These guys fished hard during the trip and brought on board several nice smallmouth bass, pickerel, and a mess of perch during their day out.  They showed their filleting and cooking skills as they took the perch, filleted them and also cooked them for their families during their stay and had a really nice fresh fish dinner of perch and an assortment of other items on the side. An all around awesome experience!


Bill & Jay Make it Count

Posted: 21st July 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Avid fishermen Bill and his friend Jay wanted to try out legendary Lake Wallenpaupack in Wayne County Pennsylvania, so they decided to book a trip with Legends Outdoors.  A mid July day that was warm and overcast was the setting for their trip.  The lake was being very stubborn and the bite was extremely tough.  They fished very hard and even though Wallenpaupack can be very stingy, it can surrender the fish of a lifetime as shown below as this bruiser was landed on light line and a finesse bait with a physically grueling battle between man and fish before the anglers prevailed.  The fish once again was released back into the water to roam the depths of this scenic lake.  They also caught a sprinkle of smallmouth bass and rockbass and a hefty pickerel was nearly landed before it scooted away from the net at the very last second.  All in all a very nice day out for these two as they had a great time out on the water.


Hot & Hazy Day for George & Sons

Posted: 19th July 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

In a day and age when “busy” is the buzz word and so many people are just that, George makes sure he takes time out of his busy schedule to take his sons JoJo and Chris fishing to satiate their hunger for this sport that they so much adore.  This time it was on a hot , hazy, muggy early July day just after the Independence Day celebration.  Although it was a very tough bite these three fished away and these kids showed their commitment to the game and fished on all through their trip.  They boated over a dozen fish including the nice specimens below during their outing.  This will not be the last we hear from this trio as it won’t be long until the will have that unmistakable urge to get back on the Pack.


July Weekend Getaway

Posted: 18th July 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Rob and his family came up to Lake Wallenpaupack for a weekend visit to explore the area and do some recreational fishing on the pontoon boat on a recent July weekend.  This day was a story book weather kind of day for this family as they enjoyed the fresh air,sights and sounds of this scenic beauty.  They fished several patterns during their day out as they fished the areas very thoroughly.  The family caught pickerel, smallmouth bass, bluegill, rockbass and perch during their outing together.  Legends Outdoors hope they enjoyed their stay in the Lake Wallenpaupack area and look forward to a return visit.


Quintessential Day!

Posted: 15th July 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Paul used to take his three sons Bryan, Mike and Kevin out fishing on Lake Wallenpaupack quite often many years ago.  On this picture perfect, early July day he did just that again also accompanied by his brother-in-law Jared.  This trip was special in many ways as it was won as a raffle prize at a fund raising event and it also made for a great family outing to reunite on this scenic body of water.  This day was filled with lots of chatter among these five as they shared in stories of old and new while jokingly provoking each other about catching the biggest fish.  I light breeze filled the air on this warm day as they smoked cigars, ate some hoagies and fished, fished and fished some more.  They had quite a catch of pickerel, crappie, smallmouth bass, perch and rockbass on this memorable family fishing day!


Summer Striper on the Pack!

Posted: 13th July 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Beemer and his friend Charlie have fished Lake Wallenpaupack many times over the course of time.  They wanted to learn some new techniques and strategies for fishing this body of water that they frequent.   A humid July overcast day with a light breeze greeted them in the morning. The result of their trip with Legends Outdoors was that Charlie would land the biggest fish he ever caught on Lake Wallenpaupack….a slammer striped bass shown below.  The fish was released alive and well back into the lake.  These two friends also caught several smallmouth bass and pickerel during their quest.  Legends Outdoors is confident Beemer and Charlie will continue their success in future Pack outings.


Christmas in June for Brian

Posted: 9th July 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

One might ask how can it be Christmas in June….well for Brian it was as he received as a Christmas present from his wife Lisa; a Legends Outdoors trip and late June was when he decided to cash it in.  He took along is friend Rob to a Pennsylvania Lake that they both fish often and wanted to get some different view points and perspectives on ways to fish the lake.  Their day was an absolute picture perfect fishing day as it was overcast, calm and a slight bit of rain fell off and on.  They caught between 15-20 nice crappie, about 15 largemouth bass and many pickerel on their day out.


After School Special for Mike and Family

Posted: 5th July 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

School was let out so Mike and is family Audrey, Paige and Mike Jr. didn’t waste anytime getting into vacation mode.  They headed out for an afternoon trip aboard the Legends Outdoors pontoon boat for some summertime enjoyment.  The family had a great time out on Lake Wallenpaupack as they fished, joked, laughed, soaked up the sun and all around started their vacation on a very high note.  Their catch today included pickerel, smallmouth bass, rockbass and a very hefty largemouth bass to put an exclamation point on this glorious family day out together!