Multi-Species Magic

Posted: 26th May 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

Rob and his uncle John went for pontoon boat trip in mid May with Legends Outdoors.  These guys are local anglers and have fished Lake Wallenpaupack before and were looking for some alternative methods to catch the resident species of this lake.  Their day had ideal conditions as they plugged away for stripers part of the day and other species the rest.  These two were rewarded with a multi-species marathon as they caught striped bass, walleye, pickerel, bass and perch on their day out while learning a much different and alternative style to approaching the lake!

All Play and No Work

Posted: 24th May 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

Five power company co-workers took a vacation and headed west to Pennsylvania and do some angling during their trip and dialed up Legends Outdoors.  The group trip consisted of Dennis, Ron, Joe, Joey and Barry and they all climbed aboard the pontoon boat.  An overcast day with light winds and off and on rain with water temps in the low 50’s was the day’s setting.  The day consisted of finessing and also throwing bigger offerings for a variety of approaches and both worked very well for this quintet.  They brought in a vast variety of fish including some slammer perch, smallmouth bass, pickerel, and two stripers that delivered quite a battle on light tackle for these happy group of anglers.



Lake Wallenpaupack property owner Phil took a solo Mother’s Day trip out with Legends Outdoors.  The returning client wanted a day out to try some spring techniques and to get some action would be the game plan with a portion of the day fishing for stripers.  The day started cool and calm with a light drizzle then followed by sunny skies and a building stiff southern wind was the setting for this trip.  Phil picked away at a fish here and few fish there to compile a nice solid medley of species today with some good quality included such as smallmouth bass, pickerel, crappie, and perch.  The stripers were vacant on the tally, but Phil put in a solid effort and fished with admirable patience and determination and had a fun day out on the water with a good solid catch.


Kuch who was on board with Legends Outdoors just a few weeks ago took another trip to continue to try and learn the lake and acquire tips and techniques for this finicky fishery.  This time out he brought along his father Jack for the day.  Their May day was nice, comfortable, calm and sunny as they patrolled the Pike County lake in search of some spring action.  Jack has been looking to catch a walleye in these waters for over 3o years and in the first hour landed a very impressive one as shown in the photo.  They fished around for a bit afterwards and then went looking for stripers to no avail, but hooked into a bonus fish while in pursuit of them in the form of a hefty channel catfish.  They finished their day out in search of action and numbers and caught nearly two dozen perch and some nice pickerel to boot.  Kuch and his dad really had an awesome day overall and learned quite a bit more about the lake and spring time techniques.


2016 Annual Reunion New York Style

Posted: 19th May 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

Glenn along with his family and friends have been going on an annual fishing excursion for many years and 2016 would be no different.  This year they were in New York waters for two days of festivities with 10 anglers in all.  The weather on day one was overcast all day with a damp chill in the air as the rains came down off and on soaking the anglers.  The rising waters, dropping water temperatures and floating debris added plenty of obstacles to overcome for the group, but with persistence and determination it paid off unlocking the puzzle of the lake.  Day two seen a slightly warmer day with very little to no precipitation and both days had very little wind accompanying the trip.  They fished finesse techniques for two days to entice quite a variety of fish mostly consisting of smallmouth bass, followed by crappie, walleye, white perch, and largemouth bass while a bullhead or other speices such as rockbass made an appearance also. There were plenty of stories and times to catch up on during their trip and a good time was had by all.  Legends Outdoors is looking forward to hosting Glenn and his group back in 2017 for their annual fishing excursion.



Staying Focused

Posted: 17th May 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

Local angler Jerry and his father recently went out with Legends Outdoors for striped bass.  Their all day task was to hunt for these beauties and learn the techniques involved to catch them.  They had great conditions and it seemed the stars were aligned for their day out as they made cast after cast on this overcast May day.  They moment arrived during their trip as they kept at it; the drag screamed as the lunker fought valiantly by making several power runs.  The striper would eventually prevail as the sound of a line snapping told all their needed to tell of the sheer agony felt by all in the boat.  These two men focused all day and kept at it and were rewarded with some extremely nice smallmouth bass and a walleye during their trip aside from the heart throbbing battle.  A great overall experience on this day for these two and we are confident Jerry and his father will be back at it again in search of that next striper adrenaline rush.



The “James” Gang

Posted: 14th May 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

Soon to be married bachelor James recently had a bachelor party weekend in the Lake Wallenpaupack area.  A part of their itinerary was a fishing trip out with Legends Outdoors for eight.  The day was overcast and chilly as the four boats picked up the group at their dock.  The New York residents consisting of family and friends had an absolute great time telling stories and talking about the rest of their fun times for the weekend while casting away for their quarry.   Each pair had tales to tell and everybody landed fish in the group including a monster 12# 12oz. channel catfish that took 12 minutes to land on 4# test!  Other fish that were caught by James’ entourage included crappie, pickerel, perch, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass.  A striped bass was hooked up but broke the line of the angler proving the strength of these feisty fish is very formidable.  It wasn all around great time for James and his crew during the weekend and we at Legends Outdoors would like to wish James and his bride to be the very best in the future.



No Ice…No Problem for Kasey and Jeff

Posted: 12th May 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

Kasey received a Legends Outdoors gift certificate from his wife from a Christmas present that was going to be an ice fishing trip back in the winter season, but with the extremely mild winter and thin ice it turned into an open water excursion for stripers.  Jeff who is a returning client is a friend of Kasey and was invited along for the day out on the water.  They pursued stripers all day and continued at it time and time again and the results were very good as you can see in the photos.  This day with a high sun and calm waters yielded plenty of quality fish for this duo including a walleye, several hefty smallmouth bass including one that was over four pounds, and this monster striped bass that was Kasey’s first ever from Wallenpaupack.  A day to remember for these two area anglers as there were plenty of laughs and stories told during the day and this one would sure be added to the list of future tales.


Big Cat Punctuates Big Day

Posted: 10th May 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

George and his son JoJo have been with Legends Outdoors several times before and went out for some springtime fun aboard the pontoon boat.  The day was comfortable and slick with a mix of sun and clouds while the fish were feeling the sensation of spring as the days are now longer and the water temperatures were trying to creep up just a little bit.  This father and son duo casted about during the day with an array of colors and baits while they caught a good variety and quantity of fish including perch, hefty pickerel, and some really nice smallmouth bass indeed.  The whopper of the day would come in the form of a 12# 4 oz. channel catfish that put up quite a battle before these two happy anglers landed him for a catch and release photo!  An overall great outdoor experience for a father and son to enjoy on this scenic lake.


Chasing the Dream

Posted: 8th May 2016 by Dave in Blog Entries

Rocky who has been fishing Lake Wallenpaupack for many years decided he wanted to learn the tricks of the trade for catching striped bass so he dialed up Legends Outdoors and brought along two of his friends Brian and James for the journey.  They went out twice in the month of April and fished thoroughly and diligently for these finicky lunkers of the deep as their two days brought about one with calm and overcast skies and another with much brighter skies and a bit of a wind.  They learned the techniques and tendencies of their quarry as these three amigos fished away hour after hour while enjoying the days and having a grand old time anticipating a strike with each cast.  The dream of landing one of the big stripers of Lake Wallenpaupack will have to wait until another time, but they did land several hefty smallmouth bass and one behemoth channel catfish along the way as they absorbed the techniques for future endeavors.