Jersey Guys Start Spring Party

Posted: 14th April 2014 by Dave in Blog Entries

Two Jersey residents Mike and Moe returned for 2014 to start the Legends Outdoors Spring Party off with a bang.  On a breezy sunny day with the water ranging from 42-48 degrees these two hammered out around 30 fish consisting of eight different species including perch, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye, crappie and the like.  What a way to start it off guys!


Wild Bill Breaks Ice on Open Water Season

Posted: 4th April 2014 by Dave in Blog Entries

Long time client Bill took the maiden voyage with Legends Outdoors for the 2014 open water season.  A mostly sunny April day with very little wind and moderate temperatures was the setting for this early season outing.  Bill had a pleasant day with several nice fish caught such as brown trout, smallmouth bass, white suckers and perch.  He also had a few others hooked that pulled off as he had over a dozen hookups on the trip.  The ice is rapidly coming off Lake Wallenpaupack and with a few miles already opened up the rest will surely be gone very soon.


Spring has sprung!  We have had one of the coldest winters in a few decades here in NE Pennsylvania and the birds are coming back and the ice will soon be gone off the lakes. Looking ahead to Jumbo Perch, Striped Bass and a multitude of other species for your enjoyment just around the corner for your angling endeavors with Legends Outdoors.  Book your trips now as there are many dates available including Easter weekend so if you are not on an Easter Egg Hunt give us a call.  We at Legends Outdoors look forward to seeing you out on the water in 2014.

March Mayhem with Nikolay and Vladimir

Posted: 22nd March 2014 by Dave in Blog Entries

It had been some time since Bronx N.Y. residents Nikolay and Vladimir have experienced ice fishing so they decided to take the trip west and give it a whirl. They went out on a cloudy day with Legends Outdoors for some Lake Wallenpaupack March mayhem.   Using a combination of tip ups and jigging these two in just a half-day ice fishing trip boated several smallmouth bass, a nice pickerel, and some panfish on the slick surfaced water.


Makings of March Memories

Posted: 16th March 2014 by Dave in Blog Entries

Jim wanted to take his two children Sashia and Pavel out ice fishing so he called up Legends Outdoors.  A mild March day in the 30′s was the setting for this family on Lake Wallenpaupack.  The brother and sister combo assisted each other on every flag that went up as they worked in unison to bring the lively fish from the depths of this Wayne County Lake.   The jigging of rods in anticipation of a strike, running for flags, the laughter of children and the smell of hot dogs on the grill punctuated this total Legends Outdoors experience.  These colorful photos show some of the catch for this day as there were an assortment of six species brought up through the holes totaling over 30 fish including largemouth bass, pickerel and panfish.










Tip Ups to Tuxedos

Posted: 10th March 2014 by Dave in Blog Entries

A Friday night wedding in Hawley was in store for Moehmet and so wasn’t a day out on frozen Lake Wallenpaupack with Legends Outdoors.  Joining Moehmet for some ice fishing were future father-in-law Ha and friend Aubrey on this day of celebration.  These three had a very good day of fishing and spent some good quality time together before the big evening for Moehmet and his bride to be.  Legends Outdoors was glad to be a part of their celebration and also recognized the lenten season with their choice of foods for these happy clients as seen in the photos along with their variety of catches including perch, pickerel, smallmouth bass and bluegill.












Peter & Ken Hardwater Angling

Posted: 1st March 2014 by Dave in Blog Entries

Long time friends Peter and Ken spend a lot of time with each other doing a variety of activities and traveling to various places.  This time the event would be a February day of ice fishing with Legends Outdoors on Lake Wallenpaupack.  Although there were some stiff winds to contend with these two had the glory of basking in the strength of a winter sun and moderate temperatures.  The enjoyment of the day was punctuated by catching a slammer smallmouth bass, a pickerel, some jumbo perch and then a late day run of a good quantity of bluegills.


Winter Wonderland Fishing on Lake Wallenpaupack

Posted: 21st February 2014 by Dave in Blog Entries

The family of Jeff, Fran and Maria recently visited the Lake Wallenpaupack area and took a trip with Legends Outdoors on a snowy day.  They braved the weather and fished through the flurries en route to a good day of fishing on Lake Wallenpaupack with several pickerel and panfish.  They enjoyed their family time together along with guides C.J. and Joe Pacholec and have plenty of pictures and memories to enjoy for years to come.












Local News Celebrity Visits Legends Outdoors

Posted: 16th February 2014 by Dave in Blog Entries

Local news celebrity Sharla recently joined Legends Outdoors on Lake Wallenpaupack to enjoy the dynamics of ice fishing.   Her interest was to learn the many facets that go along with the sport and also to participate in them.  The Legends Outdoors crew took her through the steps of drilling a hole, setting and baiting a tip-up and jigging while using electronics.  She was able to see the enjoyment of this sport in its entirety as the food on the grill, the smile on the faces of children, and the camaraderie highlighted a day of participating in and catching several fish beside a couple families that were out with Legends Outdoors on a snowy day.


Queens N.Y. Fab Five

Posted: 26th January 2014 by Dave in Blog Entries

Five long time friends from the Queens N.Y. area organized an ice fishing adventure with Legends Outdoors slated for late January.  The “Fab Five” arrived with anticipation of getting out on Lake Wallenpaupack for some fishing and a chance to catch up with each other.  Mike, Andrew, Marc, Jared and Anthony were ambitious and very game for a day with highs in the 20′s and off and on snow during their outing.  Amidst the the excitement of running for flags and jigging for the fish that lay beneath there were plenty of stories exchanged and many laughs throughout the day.  They learned much about the several aspects of the sport of ice fishing and put what they learned to the test as several quality fish were caught as shown in the photos and a fun time was had by all.  A hot meal of soup and a variety of meats along with the fresh air and friends all added to the total outdoor experience for this group that helped make memories that will last a lifetime.

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