Matty & Bubba Feast on the Pack!

Posted: 26th February 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Matty and his son Bubba went out for a day of ice-fishing on beautiful Lake Wallenpaupack with Legends Outdoors.  With an unusually balmy 38 degree day for this February coupled with a mixture of sunny and overcast skies it had all the makings of a banner day awaiting.  It didn’t disappoint as Bubba was fervent in his education on learning how to jig for the fish that lay beneath the frozen lake and he stayed the course the entire day as he and his father fished hard.  They landed about 40 bluegills and perch along with a couple pickerel during this outing both with jigging and tipups and also had quite a feast as seen in the photo during this outing.  A great day all around!


Jessie and Ollie returned for some more action on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack recently.  They brought Carol along for a fun filled day that had both bright blue skies and cloud cover accompanied by moderate February temperatures.  The trio used an arsenal of both tip-ups and jigging to entice a slew of monster pickerel, variety of panfish and a hefty smallmouth bass.  Throw in some freshly grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and this made for quite a festive day for all!


Valentine’s Day Excursion

Posted: 15th February 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Kevin and his son Michael decided they wanted to try ice fishing out and made plans to do so by going on an adventure with Legends Outdoors.  This trip was set up by Kevin’s wife as a thoughtful thing for her husband to do since he was really intrigued by the sport so the date was set and it arrived with ferocious temperatures and stiff winds.  The father and son duo braved the elements and learned alot about ice fishing during their trip as they enjoyed the warmth of a tent along with freshly made grilled cheese and hot chocolate.  They had a great time despite the bitter elements they faced and landed a smallmouth bass and a variety of panfish during their Valentine’s Day excursion.


Winter Brown Trout River Trips!

Posted: 22nd January 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

The winter brown trout fishing is very hot during the cold months.  These beautiful colored river brown trout are full of life and energy in the winter.  Take a journey down to the river with Legends Outdoors and see what is in store to satiate your fishing appetite and catch some of these awesome fish!

Brown Trout


Breaking the Ice with Jessie and Ollie

Posted: 19th January 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Jessie and Ollie kicked off the Legends Outdoors ice fishing season with a seasonably warm and rainy day.  It was a first time ice fishing adventure for this couple and it would be a memorable one as their outing proved fruitful.  Jigging and tip-ups accounted for a slew of panfish including bluegill, perch and crappie while also hooking into two slammer pickerel.  They learned how the holes are drilled, the rigs set up and how to tempt the fish of Lake Wallenpaupack to bite making it a complete hands on experience in this sport.  They also enjoyed freshly grilled hamburgers and hotdogs during their day with Legends Outdoors adding to the experience of hard water fishing.


Merry Christmas and Time for Ice Fishing

Posted: 15th December 2014 by Dave in Blog Entries

Legends Outdoors would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Just around the corner will start the ice fishing season; call for dates to traverse and explore the frozen waters of Lake Wallenpaupack and numerous other bodies of water.

christmas-tree 2014tip-up 2014

A November to Remember

Posted: 27th November 2014 by Dave in Blog Entries

Jay and his father Mike ventured out for some fall fishing on two separate days with Legends Outdoors recently.  One day had some rain and the other snow flurries but their love for the sport and persistence paid off as they had spectacular days both on Lake Wallenpaupack for smallmouth bass and another local fishery for largemouth bass.  On both occasions they indulged in a shore lunch prepared by the Legends Outdoors staff as the fresh smell of a warm meal heightened their senses on these autumn days.  November fishing was hot for Jay and his father as they shared time out together enjoying these lakes before they freeze over and then ice fishing will take the stage.












George Enjoys November Success

Posted: 18th November 2014 by Dave in Blog Entries

George is an avid angler from the area and decided he wanted to expand on his technique and lure arsenal during his outings.  He dialed up Legends Outdoors and took advantage of a mild November day to head out on Lake Wallenpaupack.  His main new technique he learned on this day was drop shotting and the various aspects of it along with the baits applied to it.  George adapted very well during this party cloudy day with a light wind and caught several nice smallmouth bass fulfilling his goal while enjoying an autumn day out on this tremendous fishery.


November is Red Hot – Smallmouth & Perch

Posted: 8th November 2014 by Dave in Blog Entries

November is hot right now with the smallmouth bass fishing peaking on the Susquehanna River and perch fishing in the lake taking center stage.  Schedule your trip to partake in the cornucopia of action with Legends Outdoors.


From Culinary to Casting!

Posted: 5th November 2014 by Dave in Blog Entries

Tommy who usually spends much of his day preparing tasty dishes at Gresham’s Chop House took some time out to spend fishing with his father-in-law. An early November day out with Legends Outdoors for some smallmouth action on the lake that is in the front yard of the restaurant was their playing field for this day.  Tommy and Bob were faced with a breezy cool day with water temperatures hovering around 50 degrees.  They caught about a dozen solid Lake Wallenpaupack smallmouths during their outing while enjoying the scenic surroundings of their outdoor experience.