Jay’s Crew Gets Colossal Catch

Posted: 22nd May 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Jay, family & friends returned to Lake Wallenpaupack for another trip with Legends Outdoors aboard the pontoon boat.  Last year when they were here they had monsoon type weather with heavy rains the entire trip, but this year would be a different story as far as weather as they had sunny skies, moderate temperatures and a light wind starting SW and switching to N by the end of the trip.  Using mostly live bait; these four anglers had a banner day with plenty of action on their trip.  Their catch consisted of five striped bass, one catfish, many smallmouth bass and a several pickerel were the headliners.  It was an overall great experience out on the water for this crew on this superb spring day.





Pontoon Boat Double Dose

Posted: 19th May 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Brothers Don and Nick took out their families on back-to-back days in early May via the Legends Outdoors pontoon boat.  Both days were splendid weather with mostly sunny conditions and a variance of wind and wind directions.  The both days were filled with laughter and plenty to talk about as the both families enjoyed their days fishing, joking, eating hoagies and just having a grand old time being out on the water with their guides.  There were quite a variety of fish caught during the trips including stripers, perch, pickerel, bass, rockbass and a nice walleye.  Legends Outdoors looks forward to having Don, Nick and their families back on board in the future for more outdoor action and fun!



Mission Accomplished for Peter & Son

Posted: 17th May 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Peter and his son have a property near Lake Wallenpaupack and wanted some insight on the patterns and techniques for stripers and the the like on this legendary body of water.  Their adventure took place on a May day with a mix of sun and clouds and very comfortable temperatures.  They had a very fun day learning and absorbing the know how to catch these elusive beauties as their efforts produced three stripers and some hefty smallmouth mixed in.  They were very happy with their day out with Legends Outdoors.  Mission accomplished for Peter and his son in pursuit of stripers!


NJ Residents Hit the Pack!

Posted: 15th May 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

John and his two sons John and Keith along with their uncle Mike visited Lake Wallenpaupack recently for a day out with Legends Outdoors.  John is a Pennsylvania native and avid fisherman along with his brother and sons and they have traveled many times by Lake Wallenpaupack but never fished it before.  With a good nights rest they headed out early on the water for some springtime fun.  The good old fun trash talking started early between these four as they split up between the two boats and jokes of outcatching the other boat started. The day was partly cloudy then turning into mostly sunny and from almost dead calm to a stiff SE wind by the end of their trip.  Both boats fished hard and worked several patterns as the day was stubborn giving up numbers but some quality fish were caught including some really nice smallmouth bass, a striped bass and a sprinkling of panfish.  It was a very comfortable day as far as temperature and the water was in the high 50’s to low 60’s during the outing.  What a great day for a father, two sons and his brother to spend on this scenic lake and also catching up on the happenings of  Northeast PA in the meantime.



Monster May Day for Tom, Tom & Carmen

Posted: 13th May 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Tom and his two sons Tom and Carmen couldn’t resist the opportunity to get back out on Lake Wallenpaupack this spring for yet another adventure.  This time the setting was the beginning of May and a crisp overcast day greeted their arrival at Lake Wallenpaupack.  They split their day up in pursuit of striped bass and crappie and successfully had excellent production with each.  They boated eleven striped bass and about two dozen crappies and had a few smallmouth bass mixed in during the barrage of action that developed throughout the day.  It was absolutely another incredible day out for this family on this Wayne County lake and we always look forward to having them on board.


Ted is an avid fisherman from Pike County Outfitters and was very interested in the pursuit of striped bass on Lake Wallenpaupack.  Ted runs a sporting goods store specializing in products to help the outdoor enthusiast enjoy all the seasons of the Pocono Mountains and the Delaware Highlands.  The day had moderate temperatures and plenty of sunshine and a whole lot of striper catching!  His trip would turn out to be a very fruitful one as the determined angler would have a 10 striped bass day and a smallmouth bass thrown in there as a bonus.  Mission accomplished Ted!  Please stop by and say hello to Ted and tell him you seen him on the Legends Outdoors website.


Glenn and his family have a tradition of going on a fishing trip each year to get the family and close friends together.  For 2015 it would be on Lake Wallenpaupack with Legends Outdoors.  Their tradition goes back to 1989 as shown in the article below and encompasses some details of their experiences. This year they came out in late April for two days and had some chilly weather with sun and clouds and a variance of winds for the both days of fishing.  While catching up on the goings on of the year past and enjoying each others company they fished with the usual enthusiasm and excitement that this group brings.  They caught a variety of species in the two days including a striped bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, pickerel and some panfish.  There wasn’t huge numbers brought in any of the days but it was a trip of really nice quality sized fish than quantity as seen in the photos as is more so the case in the earlier part of spring.  We at Legends Outdoors were honored to host their fishing trip for 2015 and hope to see Glenn and his crew back in the future at beautiful Lake Wallenpaupack.






Pontoon Birthday Celebration

Posted: 4th May 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Returning clients Jessie, Ollie and Carol recently took a trip with Legends Outdoors on Lake Wallenpaupack.  Carol booked the trip for Jessie as a birthday gift and we at Legends Outdoors would like to wish Jessie a very Happy Birthday!  It turned out to be a decent April day with as they had cool temperatures and mix of sun and clouds accompanied by a  light wind.  They had a great time on the pontoon boat as they boated some good numbers and good sized smallmouth bass and several panfish as they finessed their way on this day glorious celebratory spring day.


Bachelor Party on the Pack!

Posted: 2nd May 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Legends Outdoors had the honor of being one of the events on the bachelor party list that recently visited the Lake Wallenpaupack area.  A large group of friends and family that came in from New Jersey to celebrate an upcoming wedding of one of their crew rented a house on Lake Wallenpaupack and wanted to do some fishing and get out on the lake as in itinerary item.  Legends Outdoors accommodated them with a five boat armada as they fished and seen the scenic lake from the water.  The day was crisp cold front conditions with blue bird skies and a wind that made quite a sting in the air for the group.  A mid day rendezvous on an island of all the boats while the pontoon boat provided the music was a part of the plan and the first half stories of their time on the water were shared and many conversations filled the air of all sorts.  The bite was not very favorable today for the group, but they enjoyed the day thoroughly and did catch several fish including smallmouth bass, pickerel, crappie, and perch among the group.  There was even speculation that Tim thought he landed a fish which was rumored to be a pickerel, but confirmation was never secured and it will do down as a debate for years to come.  Their weekend of celebration continued after their trip as they all had a blast celebrating this joyous occasion.  John did a great job organizing their overall bachelor party and we at Legends Outdoors wish the wedding and marriage to be a successful one and hope for peace and prosperity to the bride and groom.


Striper/Smallmouth Symphony

Posted: 30th April 2015 by Dave in Blog Entries

Timing is crucial to so many things in life and striper fishing is no different.  While the action was heating up; George took the opportunity to get on board for another striper adventure.  The day held a chill in the air early on, then gave way to clouds and warming temperatures as George threw cast after cast in search of the sought after white gold of Lake Wallenpaupack. During the outing he hauled in four striped bass with the largest weighing 5.82# and five smallmouths to compliment the harmony of the day very nicely.